Come see what the DIFFERENCE is between working out and training for something. 


Personal Training Special:

5 sessions for $250.00


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Mon, Wed, Fri       7:00am   Functional Fitness

Mon, Wed, Fri               9:30am   Functional Fitness

Mon - Thur                   6:00pm   Functional Fitness  

Saturday                       8:00am  Functional Fitness

Ask yourself: what if?

Many people find what they've accepted as the prerequisites for physical fitness training to be intimidating. They envision hard work, sore muscles, and potentially debilitating injuries. They might have no one to personally look to for an example of how physical training can help them to improve their strength and endurance, their wellness, and their overall quality of life – but that is exactly what a well-executed training regimen will do. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions.

  • What if you could take your health and wellness to heights you've never imagined reaching?
  • What if you could break through your current level of fitness, no matter what it is, and find yourself becoming stronger, happier, and healthier?
  • What if you could achieve maximum results with minimal time, according to an optimized schedule that takes your needs into account?
  • What if everyone around you had similar designs, and you all worked together – helping each other to realize your respective goals?

This isn't a fantasy. This is how fitness training is supposed to work, but fast-paced and demanding modern lifestyles have encouraged the development of a varied mythology of false assertions, which many people find all too easy to accept. The first step to realizing your true potential is to recognize that these myths are only that – myths, completely lacking any basis in reality. If you can bring yourself to consider that, we can help you with the rest!

Let Ignyte Fitness Help You Realize your Potential

Ignyte Fitness is not your typical gym or training studio. Our personal trainers believe in something more than a specific regimen of classes and one-on-one training sessions. We believe in getting you the results that you need, in an atmosphere that is at once motivating and supportive. That entails the development of a personal training regiment that is specifically tailored – not only to your expectations, but also to the needs of your ongoing lifestyle and schedule. The rest of the world isn't going to stop moving while you're training, and you don't need to put your life on hold – or your career on the line – in order to achieve that peak level of health and happiness which, in an ideal world, everybody would get to experience. We are here to help you make a positive difference in your life.




Think about what it is that you're after – a stronger body, a well-toned physique, an overall sense of greater wellness, or perhaps all of the above? Picture it, keep that idea in mind, and – if you move forward towards that goal, with a well-constructed fitness regimen – it will come to pass

Ignyte Fitness' Group Training Schedule

Group training is an important part of what we offer. Having partners while working out has repeatedly been shown to enhance results by as much as 200% percent, in comparison with the efficiency of working out alone. 

Mon, Wed                 7:00am   Functional Fitness

Mon, Wed, Fri          9:30am   Functional Fitness

Mon - Thur               6:00pm   Functional Fitness

Saturday                   8:00am  Functional Fitness

 Make Your Fitness Desires a Reality

  • Improved overall conditioning, being in the best shape of your life, recapturing your fitness level from high school or colleg

  • Toning up, all while having a good time in a casual, stress-free environment

  • Improving related physical attributes, such as agility, coordination, and flexibility; also, overall physical stamina and long-term athletic endurance

  • Bolstering confidence, self-discipline, and positive self-esteem; feeling a sense of accomplishment when you look in the mirror


Physical training and fitness can be an intimidating prospect to approach. It's important to remember that, whatever the people you might see around you look like – and however far along they are on the path to meeting their goals – we all start somewhere. Ignyte Fitness offers a supportive environment in which to have your unique needs met, but even the people who are helping you to reach them were once in the exact same position that you're in now. You'll find that, far more often than not, this fact is not forgotten. You can expect a great deal of respect for what you are doing, recognition for your achievements, and a supportive presence from trainers and other clients alike.







What Does Functional Fitness Involve?

Class Environment: Many people find it easier to push themselves to go that extra inch in an environment where everyone else is doing the same. The rewards of physical fitness involve some hard work in reaching that point – but together, we can provide the boost you need to help you realize your goals. At the same time, you're doing exactly the same thing for everyone else.

Group Personal Training: This hybrid approach to physical fitness training falls somewhere in between personal training and exercise classes. When you participate in a small group with similar fitness goals, you can secure the benefits of having a personal trainer – while retaining the effects of working out in a community environment.

Personal Training: Individual, one-on-one sessions with an experienced and fully certified personal trainer can do more than help you to realize your goals. With supportive, professional assistance, a personal trainer can help you to figure out what your goals should be. With that in hand, we can outline a training program that fits your schedule – while securing you the benefits that you are after. 



Ignyte a New Passion for Physical Fitness

What the Owner of Ignyte Fitness Has to Say:

“Genetics isn't everything. There's an old saying: 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.' At Ignyte, we offer that sense of camaraderie that so many training programs lack. We're a fun, easygoing community, which enjoys helping each other out towards achieving success in meeting our respective goals. Whether you're an athlete who needs to stay in peak condition, or a life-long couch potato who's finally looking to make a change, you'll find yourself among friends who will help you reach the edge of the water. The drinking part? That's on you – but we will help you get there.”

Brian Johnson, Owner/Personal Trainer, Ignyte Fitness

A certified health and Personal trainer, Brian shares a lifetime's worth of physical fitness wisdom and friendly motivation – along with the occasional bag of peanut M&Ms – ever since he left the corporate world five years ago. His unique approach to fitness training has earned him more than just a varied and diverse clientele, coming as they do from all walks of life. It has earned him friends – people who respect his abilities, his character, and his approach to physical conditioning. “When you're working with people – when you're helping them to meet their goals, just as they're helping you,” Brian says, “it adds something to the experience. A lot of people find that it aids them in keeping their own goals in sight, and that's important. Without goals, physical training is useless. You need to have an eye for both the short- and the long-term achievement.”


  • Personal training regimen tailored to meet your needs
  • Minimal impact on your schedule and lifestyle
  • Visible, measurable results as you achieve your fitness goals
  • A revolutionary, sustainable fitness program – no backsliding!
  • Not only do you have access to all of our classes and community events, but also full access to Premier Fitness’s facility and all of the classes they offer

How to Achieve Physical Fitness:

  • Boot Camps
  • Corporate Fitness
  • Family Fitness
  • Personal Training

Brian is well known to his local community, and only in part for his concerned and supportive approach to fitness training. When not at the gym, he can often be found participating in Warrior Events in support of wounded veterans, or else raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. For Brian, social involvement and support of good causes is a vital part of the fitness lifestyle: a healthy body contributes to a healthy frame of mind, which is in turn supported through a healthy relationship with one's community.


Not sure if Ignyte Fitness is the right choice for you?
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Brian's Motto:

"Fit in the Gym, Skinny in the Kitchen"